Poetry Corner

The Dawn of Hope

Chapter 1: Outcast (the beginning of The Forestal)

So many times I wanted to call you up
to apologize for everything
but there was always something else
to add
to the list of sins

One morning it was simply too much
I could no longer bear the weight
of the world
on my shoulders
when I had done so little

One mistake became ten thousand
but when I sought to cry out
to end the farce
it became ten million

the only recourse left me
was to climb the highest mountain
where you could not follow
and there find a kind of escape
where the sins of mankind
were not mine alone to suffer for

You told me once
that you cared about me
in this dawn of a new year
I wonder if it might not be an end
to the night of madness
A dawn of hope
where the mistakes of yesterday
can be forgotten
in hopes of starting anew
without yesterday’s crimes

I had climbed the mountain in desperation
but looking back I see no path up
so I think I am safe here
where no one can follow

If we cannot end
this night of madness
I shall leave to make my own dawn
and forget you
to your high tower
and your troll
for I see the old desert
suddenly stretched out before me

It is
my own dawn of hope