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After a game of “Stump every tech who works there” and having five different folks come out over the course of two weeks, I have heat again. (I don’t do wiring, but apparently the ground from the heat pump ran all the way back into the house, through the boards, and to the main furnace ground. Tech put in a different wire that ran 10” and everything suddenly ran fine.)

And heat is good, as it started snowing last night late. Got several inches, then about half melted this morning. Except that it just started up again a few minutes ago. Fat, slow, feathery flakes, meaning a lot more is likely coming.


But the Fabulous Publisher Babe™ has a 4×4 pickup, so we’re not stuck at the top of the hill. Not sure when I’m going out, except that I have to GM a dungeon crawl tonight.

Anti-Stodgy update: Went to breakfast with Hawk yesterday, then spent all morning and after lunch at the park nearby, working out a series of moves and maneuvers for a spear form. Not Tai Chi, because much more focused on how to kill four people who have surrounded you, while surviving. We worked out the first four sections yesterday. I worked out four more last night, but haven’t gotten them polished yet. Guessing we end up with 10-12 sections, once we throw in an appendix or two.

And I don’t hurt this morning. Did last night, but took a hot bath and then rubbed some Vitamin E cream on my spine muscles. That stuff is useful for softening scar tissue, so I figured that it might also help with the damage I did yesterday, and to keep such tissue from forming. Seems to have done the trick, because I took an advil before bed, and nothing since.

And I have a boar spear combat form that will be useful for balance, strength, and rotation as I grow older. Still looking for Yari forms. Sensei Johnson’s gone until January, then I hope to learn an Okinawan fishing spear form he knows. And maybe reach out up my Sifu’s lineage to his Sifu, for our schools “Tai Chi Spear” form. (think ¾” dowel rod about 5’ long, rather than 1.5” killing spear. Way different weight and technique.)

Finally, words.

Finished Ollie #2 today on one hell of a cliff-hangar. As intended. Only have a rough idea where #3 picks up and goes. Not sure if the series runs four or five or longer. Doesn’t really matter right now, except setting up for emotional payoff, and I’m not there yet. Will drop them all back to back, one of these days.

After talking to a fan who has been sending me edits and corrections on Jessica and Phil, I reread Winterhome and Petron last week. Needed to remember how the series ended, so I can set up who to bring back for Heather.

Because I’m deep into planning Warlord of Yaumgan. And got a lot of surprises planned, but not gonna ruin the fun just yet. Another big cast beast, like I do. EPIC space opera, like I like. Heather, who has always been one of my favorites. And a bunch of friends, both new and old.

But first, some erotica. And another Last Stand novella, to stay ahead of everybody. Maybe some short stuff for you folks.

Dunno. Don’t gotta know. Just gotta keep writing and having fun.

You having fun?

Shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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