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Monday. If you’ve been paying attention elsewhere, we’re sixteen days into the bathroom remodel. I’ve written one of those days. And this morning.

Did go out to Krain for breakfast. Had an almost normal time. Then home and about 3000 words on the fourth Marrakesh novel. Which was impressive, considering. Took most of the morning to find the groove again, but that’s the disruption of the reno.

I’ve written 23k words this month. Plus this blog post. That’s it. On the 19th. A little less than half what I might normally have at this point. And I won’t catch up, but I will likely return to something of a normal pace starting forward from here. Hopefully.


There will be more pics. Over the weekend we got the tub framed with baseboard and about half caulked, with the remainder happening in a bit. Got the vanity assembled, tiled, grouted, and caulked. Will turn the water on in a bit and make sure everything is good there.

Hung the two doors today and didn’t have to shave them. Did discover that both had little footies on the bottom. About the size of nickels. About a quarter inch thick. One set kept the door to the tub and shower from closing. Then I realized that they were there and removed them, and the door shuts. Front door already shut, but doesn’t yet have a threshold, so I expect I’ll have to pull the door again and remove them.

Today, we touch up the purple paint and caulk the rest of the tub. And that’s it.

Seventeen days of labor, taking off only this past Saturday. I’ll write about Saturday in the next Anti-Stodgy newsletter, because it was simply amazing beyond words. And Sensei Jon got one of the greatest compliments ever from someone he deeply respects.

Stay tuned and go “awwwww” next month.

Marrakesh 4 is at 13k words. Warlock At Large is about a third done, and I’ll circle back to it next. Need to work on three more Beckett Fernsby stories for the next four BSQ issues, because I had to much fun with the one for “Gulliver’s Other Travels.” Got themes and silliness to explore.

Next month’s story is also part of Warlock at Large, but the other main character, where things bounce back and forth between Holden and Reilly for a long while, before other POV’s come in. Gonna be fun.

This week is mostly recovering my sanity and my house. Getting back on track after being utterly discombobulated.

Vacation, of sorts. I’m just glad I chose to take off from the streak last summer, so having a month of 50-60k words didn’t freak me too badly out. That’s what June will be like. Might catch up some in July. And might not. Got a lot of other things that got put on the back burner in the process. They need attention next.

Y’all have a lovely week and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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