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And Lords of the Endless Plains came out last night. Hope you stayed up way too late to read it. And a reminder that ebooks are usually available on the first instead of the tenth, if you need your fix early. That’s #3. #4 comes out in July. 5 and 6 are done, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you the titles. Need to write 7 and then take a break and move the plot forward several years.

Kinda brainless this morning. Did Physical Therapy massage and just got home. Messed up my right shoulder last summer and she’s slowly fixing it. Did something to my right foot (strained pretty good) over the last week and hobbling in a lot of pain, so she worked on that.

Got little brain left and most of it wants to dribble out of my ears.

Still working on Scour 2. Coming up on the halfway point. Having fun going deep into the world and setting, drawing parallels and contrasts for folks. Not sure when these come out as I’d like to have three of them for next year.

Not sure what’s the next novel. Need to write more Scattered Tribes, so I can bring book one to an end. Assuming I don’t just keep banging out shorts and let someone else find the natural break points. Hope y’ll be enjoying things up to this point.

Boundary Shock Quarterly will be coming July 1. Third Beckett Fernsby story (of 6 so far) and need to write more of those.

Been doing a lot of research on early jet aviation. Got a series that starts in 1948 and will be in ’49 for book two. Aviation mercenary company. We’ve talked about the Blackhawk comic as inspiration, but you know me and I went a little crazy with it, as I do. Trying to at least keep the technology roughly accurate, even as I play with politics and such. And history books are a pain in the ass, because the Korean war “just happened” one day. The whole background to the war usually involves a couple of paragraphs on page 1, when it really is a LOT more messy.

But getting there.

Also looking at the next A’Zedi Survey Corps book, so I have stuff for 2025. The slower writing this year will catch up with me next, but shit happens.

Got my foot elevated and it wants to fall asleep, so I’m gonna post this and go lay on the couch.

shade and sweet water


West of the Mountains, WA


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