I did warn y’all this was coming, didn’t I?

The deal is this:

Buy the full bundle. $12 for 12 books. SUCH A DEAL.

Email me (Blaze at BlazeWard dot com) the receipt from Bundle Rabbit, showing that you’ve bought all the books.

I will email you a zip file containing the epub and mobi of The Science Officer.

This deal only lasts for the next 24 hours, so until April 21st, 10 AM.

Here’s the blurb of the novella:

When pirates commandeer Javier’s starship, they give him a choice: corpse, slave, or volunteer.

Javier chooses to survive, as well as keep his honor and his sanity intact.

However, when things get rough, will he save the pirates from someone even worse?

This novella is Volume 1 of The Science Officer. Find the continuing stories of Javier Aritza in The Mind Field and The Gilded Cage.

Sooooo…for a short time only. Twenty four hours. You’ll actually get THIRTEEN books for just $12.

Hurry and get yours!