What should I read?

What do you like?

A quick note here: Because I write fantasy and science fiction that my kids and grandkids will read, you can presume that the language will be tame at worst (generally) and adult content generally kept to a minimum. I will try to put something like a (Rated R for adult content, see Imposters below) on something that might be a bit much for your 14-year-old to read, like a good sex scene, but most of what I write is intended for general audiences. One of my grandsons absolutely adores the Brak stories, and he’s 13.  YMMV.

Beyond The Mirror: Volume 1, Fantastic Worlds (Fantasy Collection)

  • The Slave Market
  • Death Key For the Great Khan
  • The Mirror
  • The Popcorn Kitten
  • Approacheth The Wyvern

Beyond The Mirror: Volume 2, Fantastic Worlds (Fantasy Collection)

  • The Horse Thief
  • Lokisdotter
  • Blueberry
  • The Changestorm
  • Destiny
  • The Blacksmith’s Song
  • Falling Into The Giant’s Spine
  • Greater Than The Gods Intended

Beyond The Mirror: Volume 3, Alternate Worlds (Science Fiction Collection)

  • Valeriya
  • Myrmidons
  • Moscow Gold
  • The Librarian
  • Tatiyana



  • Javier Aritza
  • Kaleph Sa’id
  • The Earthquake Gun
  • Rebels

Science Fiction Titles

  • Suvi (Space Opera)
  •    The Science Officer (audio available)
  •    The Mind Field (audio available)
  •    The Librarian (audio available)
  •    The Story Road (audio available)
  •    Last of the Immortals (Fall 2015)
  • Javier Aritza (Space Opera)
  •    The Science Officer (audio available)
  •    The Mind Field (audio available)
  • Doyle Iwakuma (Space Opera)
  •    The Librarian (audio available)
  •    Greater Than The Gods Intended
  • Henri Baudin (Space Opera/Magic Realism)
  •    The Story Road (audio available)
  • Jessica Keller
  •    Auberon (Novel)
  •    Queen of the Pirates (Novel)
  •    Last of the Immortals (Novel/Fall 2015)
  • Zolnerovy (Historic/WW2 Alternate History)
  •    Valeriya
  •    Tatiyana
  • Hive (Literary)
  •    Myrmidons
  •    Moonshot

Modern SF Titles

  • Zolnerovy
  •    Valeriya
  •    Tatiyana
  • The Earthquake Gun (Political Black Comedy)
  • Rick Pine
  •    The Shipwrecked Mermaid
  •    Imposters (Novel / audio available) – Rated R for adult themes and content


Fantasy Titles

  • Brak
  •    The Meat Shield
  •    The Popcorn Kitten
  •    Destiny
  • Suren
  •    The Slave Market
  •    The Horse Thief
  • Kaleph
  •    Death Key For The Great Khan
  •    The Changestorm
  • Shrike the Orc
  •    Rebels
  •    (Blueberry is chapter 1 of Rebels)
  • Jesilyria
  •    Falling Into The Giant’s Spine
  • Alicia d’Aubert
  •    Lokisdotter

Poetry Titles

  • The Desert Ring (short epic fantasy)
  • The Mirror (magic realism/urban fantasy)
  • The Forestal (grand epic fantasy