More AUDIO!!!!

So it’s been a busy couple of week, between NINC, the NaNoWriMo bundle, and stuff. And OryCon 40 is coming up in a few weeks, as well, and I’ll be down there paneling again this year. Stop by and say hi.

However, I wanted to point out something for everyone, before it got lost in the noise and shuffle. Audible approved the audio version of Queen of the Pirates (Book Two in the Jessica Keller series) and it is now available. As always, Melissa rocks, and I’m given to understand that she’s getting ready to dive into Book Three shortly (Last of the Immortals) but I have no idea how long it takes to actually record a novel. There will be more announcements when we get there.

Am looking forward to digging into all my notes from NINC. One of the takeaways this year was the importance of audio, and now there are new companies in the market place competing with Amazon/Audible to do this, so I might be able to afford to hire some voice talent to do the two new series that are coming down the pipe soon. Awaken The Star Dragon is a Book One that was originally intended to come out next summer, but I was able to put it into a story bundle this year, so y’all got a sneak preview. Already have 2 and 3 done, and there will be five or six of them next year, dropped month over month probably next summer.

Also have two other novels done in a whole other universe, but that one doesn’t have a hard cap for length, as they are more adventure and less space opera. (Each novel does not need to up the scale, risks, and rewards from the previous one, like a good, epic space opera does, for comparison.) In that, it is more like the Perry Rhodan novels, letting me just have a cast of characters who have ongoing adventures, wherever the story takes me and however long it takes to get there.

Because, as many of you might be aware, I like to write in long series, with characters that grow and change as time passes. (Horrors, I know.)

So next year, there will be some serious audio effort given. It is a growing market, but a slower and more complex one to exploit, because you have to rely on a team now, where I can just write damned novels and publish them once they get edited. And no, I don’t really want to do the whole “author reading their own work” audio books, even though I have enough background in theater to have awesome radio voice (something someone at NINC pointed out. And he was a pro). Time spent not writing, and I suspect you’d like more material to read.

So audio. If you like it, make sure you pick up Auberon and Queen of the Pirates. Plus The Science Officer and all the other things out there.

There will be more news soon. Stay tuned.