Surprise Bundle


I would have given you more warning, but it came up at the last minute.  My SF thriller novel Imposters is part of a bundle on the Rabbit.

Very short term bundle (as in, maybe a week, I think), and you’ll get awesome writers like Mindy Klasky, Leah Cutter, Douglas Smith, and  Kim Antieau at the base level. At higher levels, you get my favoritest person (after Fabulous Publisher Babe): Anthea Sharp. There’s also Eric Edstrom, Carl Plumer, Marcelle Dube, J. Daniel Sawyer and, for the really big guns: Dean Wesley Smith, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Sales Copy:

12 Thrilling Summer Reads

From galaxy-spanning alien cultures to the discovery of Bigfoot, these page-turning novels feature gripping stories where humans and non-humans work together, fight each other, and even fall in love.

Pounce now.  These deals will go fast, and this is a great way to explore strange new worlds.  🙂