Some of you are aware that I live in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere southeast of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Last night, we had a monstrous windstorm. Those are always interesting around here, because I grew up in Kansas, where we’re used to wind, but have no trees. Around here, all the power lines are above ground, so when the wind starts howling, limbs come down and sever power lines.

Lost power around 2am this morning (writing this from the library, which has power, but there are vast swaths of the area without electricity). Got up this morning and lit a fire so the kitty would be warm, and then Fabulous Publisher Babe ™ and I headed out to find someplace open for breakfast. That was possibly a mistake.

Our favorite Sunday Spot at Krain Korner just north of Enumclaw, WA, was without power. Everything between my house the the north city limits of Enumclaw itself was dark. Town had power, which was good, so we tried Charlie’s next. It’s down on the far side of town, where I come out when I head south. They were dark. Turned around and headed back into town, but The Kettle was empty. Man, my luck was not good.

Drove back up to Black Diamond, and the Black Diamond Bakery was open, but running on generators. The line was out the door and about 30 people deep, so we kept going north. Four Corners in Maple Valley had power, but the Starbucks line was out the door. As was the one in the Safeway. The only other place close around there was also out the door.

Eventually gave up and stood in line at Burger King, because she wasn’t eating and I was out of give-a-fuck at that point. Ordered the cheapest, easiest thing on the menu, after watching people ahead of me get stupid with their choices. They were on 45 when I got my number (63) and I got my food about the same time as the folks in the mid 50’s. (Seriously, did you need to order french toast sticks when they told you they were short staffed and it would take a while?)

Got my food about the time the Babe came back from the nearby coffee shop with hot water for her tea. Went home and entertained the cat for a while, before heading back into town to get gas and hang out all afternoon at the library. Because they have power and the nice librarian lady has a look on her face that she’s going to slap a bitch if the fool on his phone didn’t shut the hell up shortly. (I like that library lady. She runs a tight ship around here.)

Seattle and surrounding areas are apparently going to be digging out for a few days. Heard from folks up north that the’re without power. Most of the south and south east is dark in many places, so the world will be weird. Or, as we like to say around here, this is the reminder that most Americans are three weeks from a mass cannibalism event. Plan accordingly.

This afternoon, we’ll go into town and find someplace for dinner, and deal with the lines. Then later we’ll go out to the barn and dig out the camping equipment so we can have hot water for coffee and tea, and I got stuff in the fridge we could cook on the coleman stove if we had to.

At the same time, this is about as bad as it gets around here. We might have a week at some point where there is snow on the ground, but it usually only lasts for a week, even up where I am (780ft). The rain is normal. It’s just the wind that makes it interesting.

So far, walking around this morning I found two small trees down and one big monster that had been taken out and shattered about 5 feet off the ground, and it in turn took out a second one. One of the walking paths is currently blocked with downed limbs, although the two trunks themselves fell right next to it. The middle of the hill was amazingly bright without those two shading things. Got the machete out and and cleared a little of the path, but I’ll need the saws-all and the extension cord eventually (not worth using the bow saw, but I’ve considered it.)

But everyone is safe. The kitty is bitching because her butt warmer is off, but that’s life, and she sleeps right next to the flat-topped stove that is warm and keeping things pleasant. It’s about 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so nothing is going to freeze, and hopefully we’ll have power in another day or so. (Or I’ll head in to the gym and take a shower if I start to get funky.)

Hope y’all are having a nice weekend out there. I’ve got Auberon on sale for free on both Amazon and Kobo for another few days, so now’s your chance to hook your friends on Jessica Keller.