Alexandria Station – Science Fiction

Jessica Keller Chronicles – Series Complete (9 + 5) (Sequel series is First Centurion Kosnett, also complete)

Auberon Queen_of_the_Pirates Immortals_600x900
Siren_600x900 Goddess_of_War Flight of the Blackbird

First Centurion Kosnett (Sequel Series to the Jessica Keller Chronicles. Complete.)

Science Officer Season One Complete (1-8) (plus ongoing German translations)
Science Officer Season Two begins with #9 – ongoing and now novel-length

The Science Officer The Mind Field GildedCage_Cover_600x900-thumb-200x300
German edition - The Science Officer German edition - The Mind Field

The Handsome Rob Gigs – ongoing

Other Alexandria Station Stories

The Librarian Demigod Greater Than The Gods Intended
The Story Road

Last Stand (Shiny Space Western Adventure! Season One Complete)

Operation Marrakesh (Military Space Adventure – Ongoing)

Kincaide’s War (Space Opera, ongoing)

The Captain Daring Trilogy (Cyberpunk. Series complete)

The Hunter Bureau – ongoing (4 so far)

Fairchild – Science Fiction – ongoing

Yasmin of The Desert – Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction – ongoing

The Lazarus Alliance (7 book series) – SERIES COMPLETE

Star Tribes (5 book series) – SERIES COMPLETE

The Star Dragon (5 book series) – SERIES COMPLETE

Shadow of the Dominion (6 book series) – SERIES COMPLETE

A Little Action/Adventure

Thrill Ride, The Magazine

Augustus Dexter Derlyth (Occult Detective, ongoing)

Boundary Shock Quarterly (Science Fiction Anthology, ongoing)

Blaze Ward Presents – ongoing

Blaze Ward Presents – Special Editions

The Collective – Science Fiction

The Shipwrecked Mermaid Imposters

Zolnerovy – Alt History Science Fiction

Valeryia Tatiyana

Science Fiction & Stuff

Myrmidons Moonshot_600x9001-267x400-thumb-200x300
Moscow Gold The Earthquake Gun


Beyond The Mirror V1 Beyond The Mirror V2 Beyond The Mirror V3
Beyond The Mirror V4 Beyond The Mirror V5 Beyond The Mirror V6
Beyond The Mirror V7

Modern Gods – Superheroes

A Modern Gods story A Modern Gods story
A Modern Gods story A Modern Gods story

Business For Breakfast

Fantasy Series – Brak

The Meat Shield The Popcorn Kitten Destiny
Feet of Clay

Fantasy Series – Suren

The Slave Market The Horse Thief

Fantasy Series – Kaleph Sa’id

The Death Key The Changestorm

Fantasy Stories

Approacheth The Wyvern Falling Into The Giant's Spine Lokisdotter
Part 1 of Rebels Rebels



The Forestal The Desert Ring The Mirror
The Blacksmith's Song