Should I cosplay?

Absolutely. Yes, please.  Send me questions. Send me pics to post on the site.

Dirty, little secret: I think it would be completely awesome to run into someone at a con, wearing the uniform of the Republic of Aquitaine Navy. (Or, Fribourg Empire if you’re into that sort of thing.)

As part of the work behind the fourth Jessica Keller novel (Goddess of War), I commissioned a friend of mine who is an artist to do a set of color plates of Jessica and several other characters. It dawned on me that I had never really described the uniform close enough that someone could get the details right without seeing what was in my head. And I wanted someone who was that committed to be able to nail all those details.

My plan is to publish a very small Technical Manual at the same time as Goddess, entitled something like “Uniforms of the Fleet.” Working out the details now, since I want something in full color and preferably coffee table size, but at a relatively sane price. (Sane enough, anyway.)

And this presumes Jessica. I’ve never really gone into details about Javier, except to describe what Suvi normally wears, and she’s something of a clothes horse about that.

If you want to follow up on some other aspect, let me know.

If you have a pattern you’ve worked out, send me the specs so I can post them.