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Reminder: the Kickstarter Campaign for Corsac Fox #2 Mistaken Identity) is live now and runs to August 22. Then you gotta wait.

Also, more music up everywhere. Time To Say Goodbye.

I think I have mentioned that I publish two magazines in addition to all the stuff I write. Boundary Shock Quarterly is themed Science Fiction. Owen is the only other person besides me to have written into every issue to date. Just spent two hours (in my head it was supposed to be like a 20 minute call) talking to her about upcoming themes and how she might write into her ongoing Zion Station universe.

Can’t. Would like to, but she’s in that point where she needs to look at organizing the collections. #1 is out. #2 and #3 are basically ready or will be shortly. #4 is a set of stories she needs to write over the next couple of years. And then novel. Because it will take a novel to resolve. So we spent 2 hours talking about that, and what she could do with some of the other themes that would be too weird to try to wedge a Zion story into.

Hopefully, she left off with good ideas. Apparently, five pages of handwritten notes, but she has to translate those into information.

Me: the Chace Haig novel is ongoing. Just a shade under 30k words, and it feels like book one will conclude around 50, give or take. I also envision an interior trilogy of stories here, arcing across three but not concluding anything more than this piece, before going off and having other adventures closer to home.

Film at 11.

This fall, we’re talking about updating the various websites to take better control of things. I use Patreon for a monthly membership support program, but Patreon broke themselves last month doing stupid things to their technical backbone.

I’d like to not have to trust that the other guys knows how to code. There are a lot of dipshits out there. Longer term, we’re going to set something up to move people to a direct thing and not rely on a website that can’t handle it.

Related, it should be possible to set up subscriptions for Boundary Shock Quarterly and Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem, so folks can get those directly as well. Won’t know until the fall, but watch your inbox for more information about when and how.

Past that, it is supposed to get to 94F (34C) today and tomorrow, so I am hiding out inside where I have air conditioning and things are more pleasant. Been out all weekend, as one does in August at events, and I’m exhausted. Trying to get back to something like normal. Not holding my breath.

Y’all enjoying Holden and Riley? I’m looking at when I can slot in more stories, en route to a book one that brings all the epic craziness down to a single point of conflict, wherein we can start the grand civil war that’s been brewing for years (or generations, depending on how you look at it).

Not a lot of news past that. Busy morning and I need something cool to drink. Y’all stay in the shade and stay safe.

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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