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I might post next week. And I might not, it being Xmas in the US. Won’t go anywhere. Ordered take-and-bake cinnamon rolls this morning to pick up on Saturday. Shay, because she is an amazing baker, down at Krain Corner, run by her mom forever.

Got out and enjoyed the morning. Having a hard time getting the clutch going this morning. Like, 1500 words in two hours. Mondayness.

Partly, that’s the novel. Act One was Sasha out exploring and learning what the problem was. Now I’m in Act Two and he’s bringing the posse for the big showdown. And I am working slow as I work out all the details. That happens with a new series, because each character needs a voice. Currently, writing the Commissar, who is the Spock to Sasha’s Kirk.

Gonna be fun. And have ordered myself three books for Xmas on the de Havilland Venom/Vampire, plus a two-book series on early jets, US and European respectively.

SO MUCH POTENTIAL in an era few people really know, because every history book I’ve been reading pretty much ends with VE/VJ Day, or begins with the Korean War.

Luckily, I have a background in political science, which meant a lot of history for the second half of the 20th Century. Kennan and all his ilk. The (impending) death of Stalin. All the crazy shit in 1949 as things are about to bubble over.

Novel is at 25k. Probably 55k by the time I’m done.

Any of you qualify as aviation nerds who can give it a read and point out any mistakes? I’m kinda good on piloting stuff, but a few finer details would be better.

Should finish it by January. From there, I went back to the Maddox notes and started expanding what will become the first Survey Corps novel. It will all make more sense next year when you’ve read Marrakesh, but I gotta stay way ahead of you people. That means Maddox and Padraig both. And a bunch of others.

Working on ideas for the next Science Officer. Thank you to all the lovely folks who have rated it everywhere. Will deliver “E” next Xmas, and keep on that pace. Got other things to write and finish.

And more Spandex going on in the background, because I found a gamer who wants to do Fatecore (Wearing The Cape subrules) superhero roleplay.

I enjoy fantasy, but not a straight diet of it. We used to bounce genres every year or less. Or have two things going at once to keep things fresh. And not just Hack AND Slash, either. Star Wars d6. Villains and Vigilantes. Shadowrun. Hero System. DnD. Earthdawn. Star Trek (FASA). Star Fleet Battles. Mechwarrior/Battletech.

A variety of options. Keeps Jack from being a dull boy.

If you are local to the South Sound and interested, give a yell. In person only. Somewhere between Kent and Palmer. Fatecore system modified. Modern setting adapted by both Don and I to handle things, though I plan on some Noir (30s or 50s) play at some point, heavier on rp and less on smashing.

Last Stand Season One is complete. And you now know who Pastor Mike was. And see where I’m setting up for Season Two at some point. TBD. 2025 or later, because I have 2024 already in the can.

Also, some Light Thriller coming out next year. Chace Haig. Gator. Red Branch. Plus others I haven’t written or finished.

Busy, but it’s the end of the year and I’ve hit my Million Word Target for 2023, so I’m kinda goofing off some now.

What are you doing for the holidays?

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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