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Grumble. Spent the whole morning at the car dealership, where I managed to get out for only $1500. (Everything they want to fix would run me about $7500 at their prices. Feel free to buy more books and tell all of your friends to buy some, because it’s been an expensive Monday, and only going to get worse.) I’m not emotionally fragile as most people would recognize it. Or rather, barely containing the snarls, instead of the sobs that many people get to when it gets overwhelming.

I just gotta get to June 1 mostly intact. Mostly. Something. Not a lot of words here today, because I got too many other things to do and didn’t sleep well last night, before getting up at 5am to get down there to spend too much money.

I need a real patron. A German Prince or something who wants to sponsor me on an annual basis to just commit art. If you know any, send them my way? Imagine what the world could be like if money wasn’t the defining characteristic of things?


Working on Science Officer #14. About 40k now, target 60k-ish. Working on rolling hard into Act III. Better, writer-brain helpfully explained how 14 leads into both 15 and 16. I already knew what 17 covered, because that was intended to be the end of Season Two (#9 as an interim, plus 8 more novels) and I have started building up those stories. So I should be able to roll into 15 at some point easy enough. I’d like to maybe publish two of them next year, instead of just the one I’ve been doing lately, but I’ve been busy doing other things and publishing other fiction.

Not a lot past that, because my day is kinda yuck and I’m going to go sit on the couch and veg for a while instead of thinking.

Reminder that Marrakesh 4 and 5 are April and May, with Corsac Fox 3 and 4 in June and July (all four are up for preorder.)


shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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