And it begins

Those of you paying attention recently will remember that I promised to start hitting the publish button every 10th of the month. (How long it takes to actually go boom afterwards is subject to theoretical discussions, but bear with me here.) At least on Amazon, dropping something every 30 days or so triggers another bot to raise your author numbers and visibility. That hopefully turns into money, as more people discover me and love me. (Hey, I can wish.)

So, today, the latest story to drop is the fourth Brak story, Feet of Clay.

The rest of the series is as follows:

More adventures with everyone’s favorite half-wit, half-troll and his friends. Previously, the story was only available in the second CampCon collection, but I decided to put it up for everyone to read, rather than waiting until I had a handful more done (this is Sliepnir’s story. We still have Princess, Piper, and Bob to go before things get serious).

And it does remind me how much fun and story I have in that world.

Since my plan is to write a shorter story every month, going forward, i have been going back and looking at Brak, Suren, Alicia, Jesilyria, Thorn, and several others. SF is still my first love, and I’ll write some short pieces there as well, but those fantasy serials need to continue extending.

Eventually, all of them will roll up into character collections, but that requires somewhere around 50,000 words each, so most will take a while to reach that scale. Mostly, that’s just because I want new readers stumbling along to be able to pick up a whole campaign arc when they buy something at novel length. Partly, because I have that much story for these people and a day job writing database software that keeps me busy while putting food on the table.

So, getting back to Brak. I have four more stories in my head over the short term, before things get completely insane. (“Lord Admiral Brak, Warder of the Western Reaches,” m’kay?) I’ll probably bang away on his stories for a bit, before rushing off and working on one of the other characters, unless I get a major response from y’all about a character people want to hear more about.

(And yes, I’m going to do more Javier, after I get the current Jessica done.)

So y’all have fun. And let me know what you think.

You might not know this, but Amazon doesn’t read reviews. It just counts them. So if you leave something as simple as “Loved it.” that counts as much as a five page analysis of the “socio-political ramifications of trans-specism in a fantasy setting.”

Every review helps. Every one.

Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) has a plan for early next year to put together what they call a “Review Team.” For each of the people on the team, they’ll get an ebook arc (Advanced Reader Copy) before publication date, with an expectation that they’ll drop at least one review somewhere within so many days of publication. Doesn’t have to be on Amazon. Can be Goodreads, or other places. I’d be happy with a few on iTunes and B&N, just because that might drive traffic to one of the other sites and not leave me so reliant on Amazon. (I love you, Jeff, but I don’t want all my eggs in one basket, thankyouverymuch.)

Folks interested in hearing more, and maybe participating, let me know and I’ll forward your message on to her and she’ll work it all out. (She’s the brains in this outfit. I’m just the marketing troll.)

So, go buy Feet of Clay. It’s a fun next step on the way.

and thank you.