Blaze Ward Presents

Seriously. Or rather, not so serious, as it were. When you open an anthology call with a one sentence theme, and challenge people to out-weird each other, the results can be strange. And a lot of fun.

As of October 1, I have put out the open call for Issue #4: “Cloak and Dagger”

However you choose to interpret that, mind you. An Interpretation of Moles should have cured you of expecting stories on rails. We don’t do that here.

  1. An Interpretation of Moles
  2. I Like My Science…MAD
  3. Nuns With Guns

Stories are due in my hands by the end of October 31. We’ll publish it on Dec 1, if all goes well, so there is no slack in the schedule. I expect professional to participate, and I judge professionalism entirely on the ability to respond to email promptly and with the information I need or questions.

I get tired of the [Level Monster Issue]

That’s where someone gets an email needing information, or a response, but cannot bring themselves to push the button and say something. Seriously, there are not many things in this world that I find more annoying than that. When it comes time to publish, everyone had to hit deadlines less than a week apart. I can’t hold an anthology like this. (I can, but choose not to, because either you are a pro, or you are junior varsity. I know some big name authors who let act like pissy dilettantes on deadlines. I won’t work with again.)

Since I announce the BWP Anthologies generally on Facebook for now, I figured I might let people know about it here, in the wider arc of my voice. Or a different audience. Whatever.

If you have questions about submitting, ping me. As with the previous ones, we’re going to have fun. No reason you shouldn’t join us.