CS-405 is almost complete


This is the reminder to tell your friends, if they haven’t already done so, to rush right out and buy the latest Space Opera Storybundle. Book One of the CS-405 trilogy is in there (Queen Anne’s Revenge) and Book Two (Packmule) is already out, with Book Three (Persephone) coming in just a few days.

They’ll get themselves seven novels. Two separate three-novel collections. Plus a Fiction River Presents for a very amazing price.

For the rest of you, I’m going to just pretend that you’ve already purchased Packmule and given me one of those nice reviews I read to cheer myself up. And that you have Persephone on pre-order so it will just magically appear in your device listing overnight Tuesday/Wednesday.

And then the countdown is on to Winterhome! May 10. Have you got your calendar marked? I have gone places even my first readers were surprised and excited with Winterhome. And the last scene from Persephone comes in about midway through Winterhome, lacing everything back together so you are fully prepared for all the insanity about to erupt onto an unsuspecting galaxy.

But first, you gotta read CS-405. Start with the storybundle. Move on quickly. Time’s running out for you to get an amazing deal and keep yourself entertained for a few days while you wait to see what happens to Jessica Keller next!