Have I mentioned how awesome Matt is?

Some of you are probably already aware of this, but it might be news for others.  I have had a number of titles done as audio books available on Audible.com

So far:

The Science Officer

The Mind Field (SO #2)

The Gilded Cage (SO #3) is now available

The Story Road

The Librarian

and The Collective novel: Imposters.

It is really kinda awesome to be able to reach out to a larger audience of folks, because not everyone who enjoys books is necessarily a reader. Two of my daughters like to fire up the headphones and listen to audio books as they jog/walk to work. Other people are the same way, happily listening on the bus or in the car.

I got amazingly lucky when I first stuck my toe into the water to try doing an audio book. And it got better when Matt decided that he really enjoyed my writing (and most especially Suvi). Matt apparently has a bunch of fans, so you should take a moment and go see what else he’s done. It will be worth your time.


On a related note: in case you missed it, Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) also has audio books available. Most of hers are through Book View Cafe, but she has also started working directly through Audible.

The Popcorn Thief (Franklin #1)

The Soul Thief (Franklin #2)

Paper Mage

Poisoned Pearls (Cassie #1)

Tained Waters (Cassie #2) isn’t an audio book yet, but will be soon. You can find it as a book on Amazon.

Raven And The Dancing Tiger (Shadow Wars #1)

The Guardian Hound (Shadow Wars #2)

War Among the Crocodiles (Shadows Wars #3) isn’t an audio book yet, but will be soon. You can find it as a book on Amazon.

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom (Clockwork Fairy #1)

The Maker, The Teacher, and the Monster (Clockwork Fairy #2)

Siren’s Call

Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts

Baker’s Dozen

If you don’t do audio books yourself, you should forward these links on to your friends that do. We all have friends like that. And, more importantly, these audiobooks represent an investment of time and energy for the folks who create them. They are able to make a living themselves by providing a service. None of these books makes them much money, like for the authors, but each of them is a stream of nickels coming in that gets them closer to the day when they can do this for a living instead of having a day job. (We are all trying to live the dream: writers, copy editors, artists, narrators. Seriously, for those of you old enough to understand the reference, do you really want to go back to the days of instant coffee?)