I’m surprised more of you haven’t caught on…

I check my sales regularly (daily), just because I want to know where things are and what the trends are. I don’t often dive deep, settling for just counting the sales, but Amazon reports things with an ebook/paper split so I can see when someone buys a print books (and it does happen occasionally).

However, this month a few of you have caught on to an interesting facet in the Amazon pre-order system (and my laziness). When we put the CS-405 trilogy up for sale for ebooks, Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) asked how soon before the books went live she should include the print editions. Amazon has a pre-order system for ebooks, but once the paper clears their review, it goes live. This isn’t normally an issue, because we only put things up a month ahead usually.

But CS-405 is different. All of them are up for preorder. And I didn’t want to deal with craziness after the mess we made of Two Bottles, so I just asked her if it hurt anything to put the print books up now. Doesn’t.

And a few enterprising souls realized that, so over the last few days, I’ve seen people ordering the three paper editions, which you can get now, for all three books.

Heh. Yes, they are all live. Which means you can read them in about two weeks (depending on the speed of the printer) rather than waiting for April. And that’s fine with me. I actually make a better profit on the ebooks than I do print, but I’d rather not have to deal with calendar issues later.

So enjoy. Some of you have apparently already somehow already managed to read Queen Anne’s Revenge (ha) so this is also your chance to see what happens to Phil Kosnett and the rest of his crazy crew. And Lan and Kiel.

I’m in the process of doing final edits on Winterhome (Jessica 8 that technically follows the events of St. Legier, but weaves in things from Two Bottles of Wine With A War God). Persephone actually reconnects with the main story about midway through Winterhome, and helps set things up in such a way that I can wrap up all three stories together.

Winterhome itself comes out on May 10, and should be available for pre-order in another month or so. Once I finish those edits (and remind myself what the hell I was doing), then it is time for me to go back through the finished draft of Petron (Jessica 9). I need to add a chapter or two as I wrap EVERYTHING up, but I’m done.

Or rather, as I mentioned in an earlier blog: Jessica Keller’s story is done. There are other things I could do, like follow up with Stunt Dude or the Bartender, but those are different series, and I’ve got too many things in front of them right now, so that’s not anything I’ll even look at until next year.

Petron is scheduled to drop Dec 10, just in time for Christmas. Consider that your present this year, but feel free to treat yourself to a little dessert first, by reading all the CS-405 books in paper right now.


3 thoughts on “I’m surprised more of you haven’t caught on…

  1. Larry Vaughn

    Odd…..one would think ebook would always precede hard copy due to logistic factors….but whatever. So thanks for the heads up….just ordered #2 &3, first hard copy I’ve purchased in 6 years, because I’m not into delayed gratification. 🙂

    1. Blaze Post author

      Amazon apparently never built the bit about holding the print for pre-order, so your only option is to make it live. Ebooks I can delay. Print I can’t Be interesting to see what happens this summer when the rest of the Star Dragon novels go up for preorder. 🙂

      and thanks


  2. Larry Vaughn

    Thanks for the heads up, although these are the first hard copies I’ve purchased in 6 years😄….and, of course, I’ll have to get the kindle versions when available to insure my e-library is complete🤣
    To old to tolerate delayed gratification.

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