Last Chance: Valor Bundle

You’ve got less than 38 hours as I write these words to get out there and get all the car chases, spaceship battles, and epic mecha slugfests you need to get through the Christmas season. Why the hell are you still reading this.

Go buy these books!!

Okay, back? Got them all? What, I need to sell you more than the awesomeness of  Loren L Coleman and Robert Jeschonek running around in giant fighting robots? What the hell is wrong with you?

Fine. How about AI starships, space pirates, and alien invasions?

Look, you’re gonna regret not buying this bundle. That’s all I have to say. It’s amazing, broad, serious, and silly. And you know that Christmas this year falls on a Tuesday, so I’m guessing you took three days off and won’t go back to work on Wednesday. Whachagonnado when the football is over and you’re back to reruns and soap operas on television? Binge on YouTube videos all day? (Not judging. Much.)

Maybe you need to just buy yourself the Christmas present YOU wanted and not have to rely on the family to guess how awesome this will be. Do you really want to risk nothing but socks and ties?

Get out there and buy this bundle. And move quickly. You got less than thirty-eight hours from this moment, and it will take some time for the signal to reach you, so the clock is definitely ticking and you’re about to be out o………..</signal lost>