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Just as a reminder: Call of the Star Dragon is coming out in a few weeks. Have you put in your pre-order yet?

This is #3, and marks the halfway point. It’s also the beginning of a three-part, cliff-hanging ending where I went back to those great serials from the forties and fifties, like the ones Republic used to do in the days where you got your long-form entertainment at the movies. Before television was a thing. Those days.

Morty and Xiomber are now working for the Constabulary, and trying to help Gareth and the cops save the Accord of Souls because as Morty would like to remind you: If you burned the damned house down yourself, you don’t get to complain when you have to sleep in the mud. And Gareth has to confront more of Marc Sarzynski’s evil. Meanwhile, the Accord of Souls is taking action to make sure the humans never escape their galactic jail.

Call of the Star Dragon ends on a cliff-hanger. So does Shadow of the Star Dragon. I’m like that. It does come to a spectacular and hopefully unexpected ending with Trial of the Star Dragon in September. You’ll have to tell me.

Meanwhile, do to circumstances beyond your control, I have two accidental books one out there now. Stuff you’ve never read.

WinterStar is part of the Space Travelers Story Bundle, and that’s the only place you’ll be able to lay your hands on it until I actually do a formal publication, which is probably sometime in Spring of 2020. Normally, we simulpublish quietly when I’m in a story bundle, just because some people look at all the other novels available and decide they already have most of them.

This story bundle is different.

It has two anthologies: A Fiction River Presents that is special to this bundle, and Issue 003 of Boundary Shock Quarterly: Grand Theft Starship. Additionally, there are several novels in here that I knew would be exclusive, first-time-ever publications, like WinterStar, so most people would end up just buying the whole bundle.

And, I screwed up, but we were able to fix it. Or at least tap-dance around the issue and do some awesome hand-waving.

Longshot Hypothesis is the first of six books in the “Shadow of the Dominion” series. It was supposed to be the one to go into the bundle, but somehow we clicked the “Kindle Unlimited” button. That was why we turned around and offered up the person in charge of the storybundle WinterStar instead.

However, there’s a three-day take-back rule that we didn’t know, and were able to get it back out of KU. But by then, it wasn’t worth putting everyone through the mess a third time to get Longshot Hypothesis back in.

And not worth pulling it down and returning it to it’s original publication date in October.

Longshot Hypothesis does stand on its own. The first four novels do, even though they are part of a six-novel arc. No cliffhangers, really. Well, Five does, but I couldn’t resist, because if you’ve read five of them, I know you’ll get around to #6.

And I leave the end of the series wide open to have more novels after that. Those are probably self-contained, or short (2-3 novel) arcs. Don’t know. Haven’t written them yet. Have notes.

Finally, for those of you scoring along at home, I have a Patreon. My superfans have now gotten to read two of the four Science Officer short stories that will make up book nine: “The Bryce Connection.” The other two are coming in July and August, so hurry and sign up if you’d like a sneak peek chance to read “The Forest Goddess” and “The Adventure Seeker.”

Plus, I’ve started writing novel #10. Just the opening chapter, but I needed to do that as I was working. So “The Alien Suns” will be queueing up on the writing list soon (maybe 2-3 novels from now, will let you know) and I’ll have Science Officer Season Two start coming out next year. They won’t drop one after the other, like I have been doing. Probably.

Hell, I don’t know.

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