New novel just dropped!!!!!!!!!!!111111112

Actually, if you pre-ordered, it probably appeared in your inbox list and library last night, since the Amazons appear to be running GMT for their go-code.

Above translated into english, kinda: White Crane (Modern Gods, Book 1) is now available for purchase at your preferred vendor.

The blurb:

Kai Di laments the death of her best friend, who, it turns out, lived a double life as a super villain. A secret life she hid from everyone, including Kai Di.

Kai Di’s anger at the world smolders, unquenched by family and the rituals of death.

How can Kai Di properly mourn her closest friend, the one person who understood her, while the rest of the world celebrates her demise? How can Kai Di get vengeance on the “hero” who killed her?

“White Crane”—the first novel in the fantasy trilogy “Modern Gods”—puts a new spin on the superhero genre in this enchanting, engrossing tale. This story explores coming of age while dealing with great power, the true meaning of good and evil, as well as what sort of payroll options you should give henchmen.”

I really enjoyed writing this one. And spent way too much time thinking about how one handles being a super-villain, at the nuts and bolts level of secret identity costumes, hideouts, a bunch of other things.

And all I’m going to say is that someone who really does not like the superhero genre thought I pulled off a very entertaining story.

You should go buy a copy so you can see for yourself, ya know?