New Science Fiction Story Bundle

Hey, all.

As if right now, I’m part of a brand new Science Fiction story bundle and thought you might like to know more. And tell all your friends. Big group of folks I’ve never even met before, so you most likely don’t know about them either, and this is your chance to discover some new favorite authors.

Storybundle. For those of who’ve never encountered one, a bundle runs three weeks and then it is gone forever. For the base price you get four new novels, by Michael D. Britton, Robert Jeschonek,Mason Elliott, and Leigh Saunders. If you do the full asking price, you’ll get one of mine, plus five others. Ten novels, one low price, going away forever in a very short period, so you should tell all your friends about this deal, too.

So spread the word and let’s make this a big one.