New stuff coming soon (and summer news)

My apologies for a wee bit of radio silence recently.  Managed to throw my back out a couple of weeks ago, and then caught a touch of norovirus or something this week as I was close to recovering.  Last night was the first I had slept through this week.  Kinda nice, but still on the mend.

News: Siren is available for pre-order on all the usual platforms, and will drop on May 31 (a little over a week from now).  Thanks to those of you who took advantage of the BundleRabbit Middlings bundle to catch the original release.

Siren takes place after Last of the Immortals (Jessica Keller Book 3) and fills in some of the gap. I needed to work on Vo Arlo and some things that I knew needed to happen in the fourth Jessica novel, so this gave me a chance to focus on him.

It also sets up Book Four, Goddess of War, which I have just about completed (almost done with the complicated last battle and then wrap up). Writer brain is helpfully filling in details and plot threads for Books Five and Six for me this week as I have been flat on my back on pain meds, not moving much. Looking forward to working on those, but in between now and then I have several projects to work on that, while not secret, are not ready to be shared with the whole world.

What I do know for sure is that I’ll be at CampCon in mid-June in Central Oregon. This year, I might be editing the anthology we do each year, so I have some ideas.  It will come out next winter, right before Norwescon.

Next novel comes out in late June. The White Crane, first book in the Modern Gods trilogy.

Kai Di’s best friend was killed and she swears revenge. The problem? The man who did it is a costumed superhero. So she decides to become a supervillain.

Superheroes, coming of age, alternate present world.  Planning other stories in the same universe, just because I spent a lot of time and effort working out the physics and history of superpowers and the world, and because I can. Already have the rest of the trilogy plotted out, but other projects take precedence right now (unless this one simply explodes in popularity and I find that I need to pivot).

After that, the novella Demigod comes out in late July. [REMINDER: Some of you will be getting copies ahead of time as a thank you for participating in the Bundle.] This is a follow-up to The Librarian, seeing the return of Doyle Iwakuma and his crew in their adventures exploring the fallen galaxy. Piper stars in this one, and has a great deal of fun. I had fun with it as well, taking one of my favorite characters and getting to explore some of what turned her into who she will eventually become. (One of these days, there is a Last Waltz novel out there, I just don’t have enough hours in the day right now. And nobody clamoring for more Doyle books. You could fix that, you know.)

Based on current schedules, Goddess of War will come out this fall, a bit before OryCon down in Portland, OR. Planning on being there again this year. Probably will volunteer for panels, but nobody down there knows who I am, so I doubt I’ll be on any. Next year, will probably not even volunteer if they don’t need me.

I’m also editing a couple of anthology collections later this year, as well as contributing, so this will not be a year I publish four novels. Two and some novellas should be enough for everyone, I hope. Depending, I have both the second Henri Baudin novella and the fourth Javier Aritza novella plotted out, and might be able to slot those into whatever free time I eke out. (Vote now!)

That’s about it. Just sent Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) off on her trip and I’m about to log off the interwebs and head off to the farm, where there be dragons. Hoping to grind out more words today and get deeper into that grand finale.

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA