Novel Mixup: A reminder

Because I apparently did not reach everybody when the novella Two Bottles of Wine With a War God came out with the wrong interior in January, I’ve gotten a few complaints from folks (and a bad review, apparently) about reading the same book twice.

I appreciate that folks might be a little upset, and it’s my fault. I’ve tried to send out enough notes to everyone, and Amazon should have sent you a message that there was a correction issued, once they had the corrected file in place, so you should have been able to download a corrected version of Two Bottles. In both cases, if you reread, you actually got a chance to read Queen Anne’s Revenge a month early.

However, if you are still having problems with the files (and a few of you did when trying to pull the new Amazon file down), please let me know and I’ll send you a free download link to get a proper copy of Two Bottles.

I’d rather have happy fans than worry about it, and thanks to everyone who pointed it out, and for your patience as we got this all sorted out last month.

In brighter news, it is now March, and the second book in the trilogy comes out in a little more than a week. We left off with the adventures on the bridge of the new ship being captured by Stunt Dude and his crew of lunatics. (Love you much, Gerry.)

Packmule picks up from there with the crew of CS-405 trying to find their way home. First, however, something comes up, and they have to make a detour that will forever alter the nature of the war between Buran and the rest of the galaxy.

To be concluded in Persephone on April 10.

From there, the story meets back up with things in the middle of Winterhome as the adventure climbs the scales of EPIC SCIENCE FICTION. Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Henry

    I got one of the mixed-up kindle books with the Two Bottles cover and Queen Anne story. I’ve since gotten the correct Queen Anne book, but can’t get the correct Two Bottles story. Any suggestions?

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