Out of this world…

I have words, but she does it so much better than I do this morning:


Bundle: to gather together a wide and interesting group of folks and put one of their books each into a product for people to read for a single, cheap price.

The goal: I have fans who have (hopefully) read everything I have ever written, and wait with baited breath for my next installment. To tide them over, and introduce them to their new, second-favorite author. 🙂

This is a big bundle. 16 stories available when you normally get ten to twelve. I only know about half of the authors present and have read about a third of the books on tap.

Come join us “Out Of This World” for some serious (and occasionally silly) fun.

Oh, and, I drew the short straw, so Rebecca put me up first. It would help me look good if you could go buy this and then send the link to everyone you know, so Rebecca launches this beast in style!