Science Officer stuff

So, if you have been paying attention, you know that Science Officer volume 4 (The Pleasure Dome) in the series is coming out this Wednesday (5/10). You have pre-ordered your copy, right?

I’m speaking now to your friends, so you should forward this post to them. They’ll thank you, trust me.

Just ’cause, Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) has decided to reduce the ebook price of The Science Officer to $0.99. So now all your friends can rush right out now and get their own copy, just in time to get addicted to everyone’s favorite goofball AI, Suvi, and then stay up all night reading her adventures, and the organics she has to put up with.

Why is this important? Because I’ll be doing a cover reveal on volume FIVE soon (The Doomsday Vault). It is scheduled to come out on August 10th. (Jessica Keller #5,  Flight of the Blackbird) comes out first, on June 10th. Special Agent Kiesler’s first two dieselpunk adventures come out July 10th.

Furthermore, volume SIX (The Last Flagship) is done and ready to go to the copy editor shortly, to fix all the stupid things where I can’t type or use punctuation correctly. (Seriously, she catches all sorts of shit for me.) The penciled-in schedule right now is October 10th.

For those of you keeping score at home, the Science Officer volumes are as follows:

At that point, I will have finished Season One. I am deep into world-building for Season Two, which will be a radically different sort of place, and hopefully even more fun than Season One has turned out to be. Along the way, I have already written some short stuff that goes between volumes 8 and 9, to kind of frame where we go after the War of the Pirate Clans. (Oh, did I forget to mention the arc of story from 4-8? Whoops.)

My plan is that each Season will be roughly 8 volumes long. With some other things thrown in. I love Javier and Suvi, but I want to go explore other galaxies and other parts of the galaxy. And SIXTEEN PLUS volumes ought to be enough to tell the story. I will let your complaining let me know when I should be finished. If you stop buying them early, or start issuing death threats demanding Season Three, that will be on you.

But the big news today is that there is MORE SCIENCE OFFICER coming, and you owe it to all your friends to introduce them to Javier, Suvi, Djamila, Zakhar, and the beginnings of the Alexandria Station universe. (If you were really motivated, you should by paper copies and donate them to your closest library or little library so random strangers can award you bonus karma points.)

And, as always, please send me a note if you want to be tuckerized sometime. As most of you know, I have a LOT of characters in my space opera. Usually, I randomly generate them on the fly, but I have taken to reaching out to folks I know and asking if I can use them. Recently, I turned someone into a Professor of Political History at the Bryce Academy, because I needed one and he didn’t mind. (Even seemed pleased with it, I think.) You turn can be next.

shade and sweet water,


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