Season Two: A Sneak Peek

So the first eight Science Officer books cover one complete arc of long story story, broken into a number of pieces. When I was done with Hammerfield, I needed a break, because I had told Javier’s story the way I wanted, but always knew that there was more out there. (I have extensive notes on more, so never fear.)

After 8, Javier’s world had changed some, as all of you are by now aware, so I needed to take a different look at things before starting what I called “Season Two.” The result was Book 9 (The Bryce Connection), which is a collection of four short stories introducing new characters, as well as letting some of the others get more screen time and development.

Then I wrote the first of Season Two: The Alien Suns. That is Book 10 (Alien Seas) and is the first novel in the series. From here, I plan on them all being novels. Self-contained so you don’t have to worry about cliff hangars, unless I split 16 & 17 when I get there, like I did 7 & 8.

So far, so good. Even threw in the first ‘Mina Teague novella, and everything is coming out on December 10.

However, I got contacted by Planet Bob, asking if I had any novels that could go into a Space Opera storybundle and offered him Alien Seas as an exclusive, several weeks before anyone could get it anywhere else. (In fact, the pre-order period ends on the same day as the bundle does, so everyone else will be able to read it by then.)

This is your chance to read Alien Seas before anyone else. It helps if you’ve read the first eight, but I think you’d be able to have fun with the story directly without. You’d just be missing a whole raft of inside jokes that will make old time fans giggle when they encounter them. And 9 sets things up by providing backstories for the new characters you’ll meet, but they are all there on the page.

And, because this is a Storybundle, you can get a whole bunch of other novels for one cheap price. Pay what you want for the first four novels, but if you put in at least $15 US, you’ll get all ten, including five exclusives, meaning not available anywhere else.

That’s me, Leah R Cutter, Dean Wesley Smith, Ron Collins, and Planet Bob himself. Nowhere else.

Treat yourself to an early turkey day treat, or maybe get them now and then save them for Xmas day. Or not. Normally, it’s worth holding off, but this is 2020, and you deserve something special that puts a smile on your face. God knows we all do.

So go look at this fantastic Space Opera storybundle and plunk down your money. You will be excited, entertained, and everything else that comes with really good science fiction space opera.

And hurry, because as always, this is a limited time offer.