Summer is coming…

So after a lot of quiet for a while, Summer is nearly upon us. I put out the third Javier Aritza story,  The Gilded Cage, in January. (Thanks to all the folks that made it successful. I’ve got #4 plotted out, and just no time to write it for a while with all the other projects I’m committed to. But I’m set.) And then the second CampCon anthology, Horseshoes, Handgrenades, and Magic, came out in March (less successful, because apparently you folks need to spread the word wider so some of the folks in there can make some cash off the anthology).

And then nothing.

Well, not much. Did participate in a project at BundleRabbit that made me now a few new fans, I hope, and let a few people read the next story in the Alexandria Station universe. As a followup, I am part of another bundle running for the next week or so. This one contains Auberon, as well as nine other good novels, so a good opportunity to get into some folks you probably didn’t know yet. Or to convince your friends that I’m worth reading. 🙂

And Summer is coming…

Siren is now available for pre-order.  You’ll remember Vo Arlo from his guest appearances in Queen of the Pirates and Last of the Immortals.  Here he gets his own novella, adventures that take place between Last of the Immortals (Jessica #3) and Goddess of War (Jessica #4, coming this fall).

Sometime in July (I think) Modern Gods Book 1, The White Crane is coming. Superhero fiction where the main character is a young woman who decides to get revenge on the man who killed her best friend. The problem? He’s a super-hero. So she decides to become a super-villain.

After that, I have a new novella starring Doyle Iwakuma and his crew. Following up on the events in The Librarian, the ship is lost and the crew stranded, and only Piper can save the day. All she has to do is break into an ancient temple and steal a god.

As I have mentioned in other places, the fourth Jessica Keller novel will be entitled Goddess of War, and is currently due out around the beginning of November, Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. I’m at about 80,000 words right now, and just about to run full tilt into Act IV (of four).

To go along with it, I am currently working with a professional artist friend to do a coffee table book. Uniforms of the Fleet: Republic of Aquitaine. Jessica on the cover, and a dozen color plates inside showing some of my favorite characters in uniform. I’ve always hoped that I would get big enough one of these days that someone wants to cosplay a con that I’m at. I wanted to make sure they had a visual source upon which to base their costume. (Because that would be totally freaking cool.)

I have no idea what it will cost for the print version (color offset or POD is likely to be a bitch, but it will be available as an ebook and I’ll occasionally put up individual prints for folks to look at). This is a labor of love for me, so I can have a true coffee table book to look at. One of these days, I might even do a second one with more people and more uniforms.

At the same time, I have been learning how to sew with a machine (as opposed to emergency repairs and doing buttons). One of my goals, probably next year, is to do a Command Centurion’s uniform that I can wear to cons myself, just because I can.

Later in the summer, We’ll be going to WorldCon again. Its in Kansas City this year, so folks in the midwest who would like me to sign books for them make sure to come visit, August 17-21. Not sure if I’ll do another WorldCon for a while. Was not that impressed with it last year, but it was in Spokane and most of Central Washington was on fire at the time. Have higher hopes for this year.

One final note: I’m planning an open house kind of barbecue out at the farm this summer. Folks in the range of my voice that would like to attend, please send me a note and I might just send you directions and dates. We’re out in the Cascades, kinda East and a little South of Seattle as the crow flies. Fresh grilled critter and other yummies. Bunch of writers and a passel of semi-urbane rednecks.

That’s about all I’ve got right now. As usual, looking forward to hearing from folks with their thoughts, questions, and dirty jokes.


shade and sweet water


West of the Mountains, WA