Suvi’s birthday

yes, you read that right. Suvi’s birthday is March 19th. I have it programmed into my phone for birthday reminders, so I woke up this morning and got the note. What’s more fun is that the machine is smart enough to do the math, but slightly confused, because it shows her age as -5408.

That’s correct, by the way. She will be born on a rainy Sunday in March, according to the old notes. And the year will be 7426 CE. She will be decanted into a small probe-cutter, late in the war, and then go on to serve The Concord and humanity for far longer than any of her cohorts ever dreamed. (As a hint, I have my notes for Jean-Pierre, who will be born about 1600 years after Jessica Keller dies. He and Suvi will have more adventures.)

I never expected her to be the narrator to history, but I also never expected to write so many stories set into the Alexandria Station universe. And there will be more. Gonna write more Javier this year. Gonna add her to a couple of other timelines for y’all to enjoy, sometime soon.

So I realize it’s a Monday, but y’all should do something special to celebrate your favorite AI. I’m going to raise a glass later, and I hope you will join me.

Happy birthday, Suvi