The Doomsday Vault goes Audio!!!!


I kinda feel bad for Matt. He loves doing the audio for the Science Officer books, but he was NOT prepared for me to write five of them this year, or to drop them so close together. He is, however, going like hell on the rest.

And today, I got the notice from Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) that the audio book of The Doomsday Vault is now available. (And I’m confident he’s already at work on The Last Flagship as we speak.)

Sales are good. Reviews even seem pretty good, once people get out of their system that these are novellas, every single one of them.

Science Office books run 24-30,000. By design. Short, fast, hard hitting, rather than make you wander over 150,000 words for the same amount of actual story-telling. (and no harrowing of the shire along the way, either.)

Quick, get yours today. Or tell your audio book fiend that 5 is available and 6 is coming!!!