The Science Officer, Season One, on audio


Long backstory short, I had always wondered if we could collect up the eight Science Officer audio books that Matt had done, and put them out as one monstrous compendium. I’ve been told be people (who might not be full of shit) that audio folks don’t like novellas. Just the wrong length, because they would rather use their free credits to binge on some doorstop. Similarly, other people who (I trust to know these things) have suggested that I get a different payment rate for anything under appx. 45,000 words (Javier runs 24-32k each). Maybe I’m leaving money on the table here.

But all the filed existed. It was relatively painless (I’m given to understand from Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm)) to merge them and do a mega-audio book.

I don’t do audio books. Brain doesn’t work that way. So I don’t know much about the format. However, this monster is 24 HOURS LONG. That’s kinda impressive, as I’m guessing we’re just a shade under 240,000 words, all bits combined. That should keep even you busy for a couple of days, missy.

And this is just the first part of things. Coming out of NINC this year, I had a list of tasks to attack in 2019. And the greatest wife/boss in the world.

We’re in process of getting all the The Science Officer books translated into German. That’s a good market for science fiction, and they like novellas (see Perry Rhodan, currently working on their THIRD BILLION books sold.) Sometime second half of 2019, I would like to finally start writing Season Two of The Science Officer.

Melissa is currently working her way through the Jessica Keller books for audio, with Auberon and Queen done so far and she’s working on Last of the Immortals now. I’ll finish that series next year, and keep her busy for a while. And you.

Meanwhile, Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) is getting close to signing contracts for audio on the Star Dragon books. Awaken is #1 and I have #4 in the can right now, with #5 getting written early next year. Not sure when #6. Ebook, Print, and Audio (everywhere and not just audible) should all drop at the same time, next summer. And a second series will come out after that, although that one may go into Kindle Unlimited for the ebook. Audio will be everywhere as well.

Hope you’re ready. I have (I think) eleven novels out right now, with several more on pre-order. I am currently writing novel #23. And speeding up just the weeest bit as I go. There will be lots of fun new things for you to consume, starting next week with the seventh Jessica Keller, St. Legier.

But for now, I’m just hyper-jazzed that you can listen to the whole of The Science Officer Season One. Get yours today!