The Sins of The Fathers – new superhero bundle

So I haven’t said anything to pretty much anybody about this project, because it turned out to be way more complicated than I thought it would be, and take longer, but we’re finally here.

Last spring, I was talking with a bunch of writers I know about doing a new bundle on This one would be different than most, because instead of it being a collection of existing stories, I wanted everyone to write me something brand new. And hit a theme in a genre that was not necessarily something most of them had tried before.

But it sounded like fun, and they all wanted to play.

And thus: The Sins of The Fathers bundle was born, now available for pre-order at all the major sites, coming out on Nov 15 everywhere.

The story I wrote for this project was “Expectations,” which is more or less a sequel to my story Kid Lexington. That first one took place in the Modern Gods universe, like all my superhero fiction so far and took place in an alternate 1952 with superheroes.

Approaching a sequel, I decided to go someplace way different. Without giving away too much (no spoilers here), the story picks up in the summer of 1974, and centers on the two daughters of Kid Lexington, now 18 years old and facing a world where they must confront the family business. The expectations about them putting on a mask and going out into the world to save it or damn it.

The challenge I had set to all of the writers involved is contained in the sales blurb:

Time passes. Teenage sidekicks grow up. Heroes and villains settle down and start families.

The bundle will be themed around the next generation of kids taking over the family superhero/villain business. Stories about people in masks and how they interact with the youngsters coming along, rather than just inter-generational family drama. Superheroes make everything crazier.

Does the hero retire gracefully and let the teen sidekick take over the name and costume? Did the children of a supervillain join the family business, or become heroes and work to thwart their own parental units?

Nine fantastic people joined me on this bizarre voyage, contributing their own visions for what it is like to grow up in a world where you have power and can make a difference. The stories are serious as well as silly. Modern and historical. Romance, Comic Book, Dark, and Chop-socky, depending on your tastes and needs, but these are all top-notch writers, exploring new ground for many of them.

I hope you will enjoy this bundle, and explore the worlds and works of my nine unindicted co-conspirators as we forge a trail through crime and mischief.