The Write Stuff Bundle is almost done

Just four days from now, it will be gone forever. You should make sure you have your copy today, or tell your artist friends about it, because there’s way more here than just things for writers.

The Write Stuff Bundle

  • Creating Your Author Brand
  • Completing Your To-Do List
  • Writing a Novel in 5 Days While Traveling (or how to keep going while going)
  • How To Get Your Book Into Schools (or your art)
  • Estate Planning for Authors (or any creative whose stuff will remain 70 years after they do)
  • Secrets to Effective Author Marketing
  • an On-line Lecture on Heinlein’s Rules (and why you need to know them)
  • The Ancient Child Thirty Day Program from Steve Barnes
  • Business Planning for Professional Publishers (and anybody who hates spreadshits, not a typo)
  • The Three Act Dramatic Structure for Writers

All of these are way bigger than just writers. Any creative type (yes, YOU) can learn a lot from some seriously professional, extremely successful artists sharing their experience, and doing it at a pretty good rate, since you get all ten for a good price, rather than the normal amount.

And the clock is running. Four days and change are I write these words, and then gone forever.

You need to rush out and do this. Or get this for the artist in your life as a Mother’s Day gift (today), a Graduation present, birthday, or a very early Christmas.

They will thank you.