There are still good people…

So I haven’t posted much of anywhere lately. Been heads-down busy on various projects, including helping Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) with her girlcave, the new corporate offices of Knotted Road Press. Last weekend, hanging a bunch of fiberboard and sheetrock to close in all the walls. It is nearly ready for all the pretty work to begin.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up something nasty. (Viral skin infection is the consensus.) Went to the walk-in clinic this morning because whatever had caused my arms to break out and my face to puff up had hit her as well and was getting worse. We had walked down from the top of Cap Hill, had breakfast at a little joint, then to the clinic. In and out for both of us in under 30 minutes, and the doc gave us some better cream that is helping.

Somewhere along the walk back up the hill, I apparently lost my wallet out of my back pocket, and never noticed. (Drugs that do fun things to the brain right now.) Got back to her place and sat down to check the news before the next round of stuff, and I have an email from a complete stranger who had found my wallet, located one of my BW business cards, and asked if that was me.

You can imagine my panic. She left a number to text, so I did. As well as an email reply.

Nothing. Long pause. More panic.

Finally, hear back from her. Turns out she and her friend had been in the process of walking clear over to Volunteer Park Cafe  from somewhere south, to have crossed my path home and found my wallet, and wanted to get there before replying to me, to have a stable, public place to meet (woman meeting total stranger male, you know the drill).

Texts me. We drive over, get my wallet, I thank her profusely. Offered her books. Flipped a coin my head to buy them breakfast (no money gone, cards all there).

Got home, still vaguely fuzzy in the brain, but much warmer feeling. Sent her books anyway.

I have been grumpy smurf at work all week. Have described the situation there as a general swirly-thing-alert (for those of you old enough to know what that is without looking it up).

So in the middle of all that, it was just lovely to run into a generally good person, who found a wallet, looked through it to find contact information, and reached out.

Makes me feel better about the world. And that’s a good thing.

Hopefully, you have little things in your life that bring you joy as well. Learn to notice them, and appreciate them.


shade and sweet water


West of the Mountains, WA