There is a new Marketplace (or “Why I Love The Future…”)

So first off, my apologies for two blog posts in one day. I had set a reminder to myself to update the marketplace, and then promptly forgot and wrote the other blog post. Then my alarm went off. Whatever.

Back at the Master Publishing Workshop in October, somebody said was the best choice for custom branded swag. They were right. I had way more options for stuff that I could put an image on than I ever expected. (And I’m drooling a bit at the thought of a custom comforter, but not today.)

Long story short, I finally managed to put up the Auberon ship’s Badge as something you could slap onto a coffee mug or a t-shirt (I have the first of both coming in the mail as you read this.)

Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) specifically did a tote bag, so she could order one for herself.

All that and more is now available, and I’ll throw more things up there as time and demand dictate. (Anybody want Athena’s badge slapped on something to order?)

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new BlazeWard Marketplace. (As hosted by Knotted Road Press and Fabulous Publisher Babe.)

Y’all go nuts.