Time is running out (Storybundle edition)

You’ve only got a few more days to take advantage of the Plot Twists story bundle before it is gone forever and you have to pay full price for everything.

Great deal by great writers.

The SF Plot Twist Bundle, curated by Allyson Longueira: I’m a hard reader to surprise. That’s to be expected, really, given what I do for a living. As a writer, editor and publisher, I’m far too involved in what makes a good story to be easily taken in by one. So, when I can’t forget a story—or find myself getting sucked in to it again and again when I’m supposed to be doing something, you know, work-related—I take note.

And if a writer can surprise me, well, that’s something truly unexpected.

Every writer in this bundle did just that: gave me something unexpected. Be it a twist I didn’t see coming, a voice I didn’t expect to hear, or an expression of emotion I wasn’t prepared for, these wonderful stories gave me a great gift. And that’s why I’ve chosen to share them with you in the SF Plot Twist StoryBundle.

DRM Free. Support Able Gamers. Get a whole bunch of entertainment to get the rest of your summer done right.

But hurry, because there are only a few days left until it is gone forever.