2019 Write Stuff Bundle

Hey Gang,
It’s that time of year again. Kris is doing her annual Write Stuff bundle and I was lucky enough to be invited in this time around.

How it works: You pay a single amount and get the four books on the top row over on the website (Laura Anne, Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm), Joanna, and Mindy, all lovely, wonderful ladies). For a little more, you also get Kris, Dean, Kevin (and Rebecca), Mark, Tonya, and me. If you look close, that’s twelve books and a lecture from Dean. Folks, some of these people are the biggest names in writing. There’s a lot to learn from them. I know I have. And they are all really neat people, too.

For you writers, this is a goldmine of information about how to improve your craft, your life, and your business.

I’m going to talk about my book, because it just came out for this bundle: Beginning Marketing for the Professional Publisher.

We’re Indies, most of us. The world has changed, and what you used to do as a writer doesn’t work any more. There are pitifully few contracts. Agents won’t return your message. You think you’ll never get into print. Or if you were once, you’ll never get it back.

I would like to tell you that while Traditional Publishing (New York style) is floundering, the Indie world is thriving. I quit my job Feb 23, 2018 (14 months ago, give or take) to write full time. And I’m making a rather nice living. Well better than minimum wage, let’s just say that.

I’m not afraid to slay sacred cows, to use Dean’s favorite saying, and it has worked for me. But at the same time, my incorporation documents include this important mission: “Build a longer table, instead of a higher fence.”

That means helping people. Other writers like you. So I sat down and tried to lay out all the basics of Indie Marketing that I have learned over the last few years, what works and what doesn’t, for folks just getting started, or discovering that TradPub doesn’t want them around anymore.

Things like websites, business cards, and little-known information about how Amazon (currently) helps you market your books. There is a wealth of information out there, but most of it is only available word-of-mouth. Sometimes, that’s because people don’t want to share what they know, for fear that others will pass them by.

I just hope we can all be successful, because your career is different than mine. How you get to the top of the mountain will be your own path, but I can help show you some ideas.

So it’s April. I know many of you also look at Kevin’s NaNoWriMo bundle in the fall, but now is when you need to be thinking about your career. If you did NaNo last year, good for you. Hopefully, your book is coming into shape and you’re ready to start the publishing process. If not, now’s the time to read up on things to prepare for next year.

Ant and grasshoppers, my friend. That’s how you are successful in the modern age. Work hard, learn from experts, and then go do your own thing.

I can’t want your success more than you do, so now’s the time to commit to making a career for yourself as a writer. I got lucky in timing and teachers along the way, but I only Indie published my first title in 2014, so just about five years ago. And I don’t have a job anymore.

You can do it, too. These folks can help, because they want you to succeed. Why else would they put all their thoughts on paper?

So go get the bundle right now. Or forward a link to that writer friend you know who’s stuck and unsure how to pull the trigger. We want to help. We want you to be successful, but more importantly, HAPPY.

And you don’t have long. As always, these bundles only go for three weeks, so if you put it off, you’ll never get a chance like this again.

Good luck.