Going into the home stretch on the Space Bundle

as I’m writing this, Friday morning, you have six and a half days (until wednesday) to go get your copy of the The 2019 Space Opera Bundle, curated by Dean Wesley Smith.

His take on things: “Space, the final frontier.”

A famous quote from the opening of maybe the most popular space opera series ever, Star Trek. And wow did I write a lot of Star Trek books. Over thirty, plus a few comics and also some scripts. I even edited for Star Trek for a time.

But before I fell in love with Star Trek back in the 1960s, I had been reading the space opera of Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein and others.

Covering vast areas of space with flashing spaceships and nifty alien races, space opera in the hands of great authors helped me time after time to get off this planet and live among the stars where life was a lot more fun than my real life.

So for me, great, classic space opera is always my favorite kind of reading still to this day.

You and I both know you’re going to be bored this weekend, looking for something to read. do yourself a favor and get this bundle. Seven novels. Two trilogy novel collections. And a Fiction River anthology. All for a low price that will be gone on Wednesday.

Plus, once you’ve read my novel in there: Queen Anne’s Revenge you can move on to Packmule, and conclude the trilogy with Persephone. They stand on their own as a trilogy, and also expand the Jessica Keller universe, sitting between books Seven (St. Legier) and Eight (Winterhome).

If you forward this or tag a friend who doesn’t know Jessica Keller, they can start with Auberon and work their way forward before exploring all of the Alexandria Station Universe, including Javier Aritza, Doyle Iwakuma, and Henri Baudin. There is a lot of material here to keep any science fiction/space opera fan happy.

So don’t miss out. You have six days, and then it is gone forever