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Heather#1 is done. Warlord of Yaumgan. Boy, did I have a lot of fun with that. Started Last Stand #11. Won’t tell you the title for a few days, because it ties into a joke from #2, which will be out this week. Next week, you’ll howl with excitement, I hope.

After that, I think I’ll write something short, then rotate over to Corsac Fox #3. Just finished a reread of #2, cleaning up a few things and looking to see if I could put in a Tuckerization.

As part of the Kickstarter (done Wednesday), I offered folks the chance to name a starship in an upcoming novel. As well as have a walk-on or major villain role.

Several folks did. The only problem was that I don’t really have a spot to put them in two, without making them all bad guys who immediately get blown up.

So I’m putting them in #3 instead. Won’t make a lot of sense to anyone, but I’ve got some big actions planned, and most of the folks get to be good guys, instead of getting blown up.

Monday. Breakfast but no shooting. Drizzle thick enough that I didn’t want to be out in it when it erupted. Still hasn’t, but might have. Did a lot of Tai Chi this weekend, with new class stuff, and hurt today. Kick drills are always a fun way to stretch things.

Working on other things, with a goal of remaining physically fit as it get older. Boar spear with overhead turns, because the Fabulous Publisher Babe™ and I were talking about how most people don’t have shoulder flexibility. In her case, talking to friends who had problems with Downward-facing-dog in yoga. Or rotating a sword twohanded overhead on a flat plane.

Keeps things loose. Keeps the muscles strong. Important, when I’ll be fifty-four this summer. Back side of middle, assuming I live to be 96. (and that they don’t find the fountain of youth in the next twenty years.)

Not a lot of news. Busy, but that’s catching up with things that I let slide earlier, when shit was overfull. Finish this kickstarter, then I’ll be in another one, so you’ll hear more news.

All those thriller shorts are in a new magazine called The Thrill Ride and Matt is doing a kickstarter to fund paying everyone.

And I have the list of titles for Year Two, so I’ll be working on those, assuming all goes well. If you like Thriller/Action-Adventure, you should hop onto that kickstarter. And it’s not going to be around long, so you’ll hear me talking about it here, on my blog, and a mid-month newsletter.

Not much past that.

Hope your Monday is making more sense than mine.

Shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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