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Second Monday of the “Going to Grandma’s Sale” over on KRP. You know the trip will be long and dull, whether driving or flying. You’re gonna need books. (And you should lean on a couple of my first readers who are deep into some old stuff that’s never been published, so that you have Christmas books to read. Hint hint.)

Monday. Colder than previous. Had to melt the windows to go out this morning, but not quite scrape them. 0C/32F. Rained so frost. Monday.

Also, getting down to the end of the year. Had our Annual Corporate Meeting last week and looked at what we’d done in 2023 and what we aim for in 2024.

Planning the following:

  • Jan-May: Marrakesh 1-5
  • Jun-Jul: Corsac Fox 3-4
  • Aug-Nov: Air Pirates of Cyrenaica
  • Dec: Science Officer

Additionally, one Kickstarter for Air Pirates, probably in March for April delivery. All four books with special editions. TBD

Mistaken Identity and The Coven are both out and getting good ratings. Thank you.

Also, I’ve been having fun with all that research on early jet aviation (Soviet, British, and US) and decided to work yesterday instead of taking the weekend off. Sifu is out of town, so no Saturday classes this last weekend or holiday. Instead, we’re both going to do some marathon writing. Got words done Saturday. And Sunday. And will continue through the end of the month.

At the moment, I have 32k done on Corsac Fox 5 (out of about 75k). And the opening 3k of the new historic action thriller book one. Red Branch is the working series title for now, while I work it out. Kinda planning to write both novels simultaneously, just because they are so different and I’m having fun with both. Thus, the marathon.

If I know any technical aviation experts of the period 1947-1954 who want to be first readers, lemme know. I’m pretty sure I have those details close enough, and I built in wiggle room for the rest. Still, want to be close enough to right.

From there, writing this week. Turkey is in the fridge defrosting. Leg of lamb is going on the grill shortly to roast today. Need to make italian sausage tonight to go into the stuffing Thursday. She homemade a cranberry orange dressing using her grandma’s recipe. I bought a can. Got crescents and cinnamon rolls.

Gonna be a lovely holiday around here. Hope yours is calm and wonderful, unlike mine when I was a kid.

And remember, Going to Grandma’s Sale

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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