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Final Monday of the “Going to Grandma’s Sale” over on KRP. You know the trip will be long and dull, whether driving or flying. You’re gonna need books. (And you should lean on a couple of my first readers who are deep into some old stuff that’s never been published, so that you have Christmas books to read. Hint hint.)

Monday. Colder than that.

Because I live just past the first ridgeline of the Cascades, I get weird weather. Going north, I can paint a line in the pavement where it will be snowing on one side and dry on the other. Going south, there are seven distinct climate zones to get to Enumclaw (up on the plateau, as they call it).

Crossed five of them this morning. Wowsers.

38F when I left the house, and mostly calm. Zone 5 going south cuts across from Veazie to Krain (E/W) and was 24F when I got there. Black ice, and I have to go over a hill and a curve. It was an adventure.

Wind came up after that, but it’s coming off the mountains this morning, so likely clear and cold as fuck today and for several. Gonna stay indoors. Friday, we went for a walk at 0630 and 27F. Yuck. Did it Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon with silks on. Much better. Still too damned cold. I need a mall somewhere close.

Writing: Corsac Fox is over 55k. Likely finish it next week. Already planning what to write after that and got several ideas. Always have ideas. Never have enough bandwidth to just write them all, because I’d have to at least double my writing pace and that’s bloody unlikely, unless I get struck by the magic sales fairy soon. (You out there?)

Also, I’ll put this here because I put it up on Facebook.

I’m planning a spinoff series from Marrakesh (Coming Jan-May) that takes one of the side characters off into their own series. I foolishly asked the universe if anyone wanted to be Tuckerized into the new series. The ship is based on the USCG Legend Class. Crew 14 officers and 82 enlisted. Plus associated stuff at base, off base, pirates, prospectors, and whoever else.

I got 35 responses. So far.

Well, shit.

Okay, so I created a Tuckerization Release form. With that many, I need to actually make it a little more formal, so I mailed those out.

If you want to be Tuckerized into the A’Zedi Survey Corps books, email me and I’ll send you one as well. Won’t start that series until January or later, so there’s time. Got a lot of stuff planned for it, so it will run a while, assuming I enjoy writing them.

Not much past that. Thinking thinky thoughts. Trying to stay above water. Having time with friends. Getting ready for the holidays.

Hope you’re having fun.

And remember, Going to Grandma’s Sale

shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA


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