Advanced Reader Copies: An Experiment

So I have started putting up short fiction at the Store on my website. Most of it it $0.99, which makes me a few more pennies than selling them elsewhere.

However, I’ve gotten a few requests for some of the longer stuff that’s in the can right now without publication dates. I wrote 20 novels in 2019. Not all of them are out. Or even on a schedule. What they represent is a bunch of new series/universes that are not connected with anything else. Or weird stuff, like some sword and sorcery fantasy that is the first novel of a trilogy to follow Rebels. Or an Urban Fantasy Book 1 that kind of snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. (I’ll blame Caroline for reading the original short story and asking when I was writing the novel.)

Since these don’t have dates, and might not come out until 2021 at the earliest, I want to run an experiment. I’m going to put them up in the store, but for only $2.99, with the hope that fans who do buy them as Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) will help make them better. Nobody has read most of these except me. And maybe Dorn, because he travels so much.

My hope is that folks will buy them at the cheaper price (most of these would be $4.99 or higher when I finally finish off the series or the arc) and send me emails with corrections, questions, or typos. These books are not necessarily rough, because I’ve gone through them several times, but neither the Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) or the Canadian Copyeditor Babe(tm) have worked their magic on them yet.

If folks like this, I’ll make a little money on the side, at a time when book sales are a little weird (everyone is bingeing Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ right now instead of reading), and let folks have early access to some of the novels in the can.

  • Air Pirates of Cyrenaica (1937 Dieselpunk/Pulp SF): 2
  • Taft Station (Fall of Space Rome Space Opera): 1
  • Science Officer Season Two: 2
  • Scour (Post-Apoc with a steampunk flavor): 1
  • The Hunter Bureau (Aliens have landed and the cops have to handle crime): 2
  • The Maat Project (Seventies Thriller but not SF): 1
  • Shrike the Orque (High Fantasy): 1
  • Labyrinth (Classical Urban Fantasy without romance or shifters): 1

So you can see I’ve got over 10 things here (10 and a novella, anyway), not counting Handsome Rob Book 4 or the four Lazarus novels I have done to date.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery? Flight of Cerberus (first Air Pirates of Cyrenaica is up now as a test and to see what my fans think. Have folks done or seen something like this before?

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