I got awesome fans

Name: Unknown

Whoever you are: thanks.

So I got a note on Amazon a couple days ago of “errors” in Flight of the Blackbird. 14 of them (I think).

Well, shit.

Went and looked them up. Some awesome person who has the right kind of brain had nailed 14 typos or related mistakes in the manuscript. Every single one of the suggestions they pointed out were square on the head. Fabulous Publisher Babe(tm) went through the manuscript and fixed them and uploaded a new version Thursday.

If you have a copy, now is a good time to trigger a fresh download. 14 fewer errors on my part.

I know some writers who get personally offended when someone points out a mistake they’ve allowed to get into print, usually after two editors and half a dozen passed. Shit happens.

But we live in the modern age. Someone was able to flag them into the Zon, who let us know. We were able to fix them. If you have an old ebook, you can get get a better version. If you have old print, you’ve got a collector’s item now.


So whoever you are: Thank you for making my book better.

Kinda totally awesome.