An Interpretation of Moles

Because it was just that silly.

Yes. Mostly seriously.
Chemists, Zoologists, Dermatologists, Government Agencies, and Mexican Food.
Over a dozen modern authors offer their take on an Interpretation of Moles. Every kind, every definition.
From silly to sublime, this anthology takes you on a wild ride, where the only rule was that it had to include moles. And to be entertaining.
Come revel with us.

Got a group of lunatics together and challenged them to give me short stories on the theme of Moles. Do you have any idea how many different ways that word can be used in English? Neither did I. Still not sure what the hell those folks did.

Zoologists. Chemists. Dermatologists. Government Agents. Mexican Food. Large piles of rock. Craziness.

It is now available at all the usual places. Shortly, the paper edition will be out and I’m hoping several of you have to buy it in paper so you can read cool stuff and keep it on your shelf.

My story, Old Flames, is another Carl and Deke adventure (#3, for those of you keeping score at home), after Hack and Unintended Consequences. Modern day punk. Living in the shadows.

There are military romance, silly fantasy, historic, and some seriously crazy science fiction. I will draw your attention to Richard Quarry’s weird ride: The Transubstantiation of Gerald the Mole. Utterly bizarre story about a star-nosed mole hyperspace explorer. You gotta read it to understand.

Ya gotta read all of them. The silliness went off the rails, crashed into a munitions warehouse, fell off a cliff, and landed on Wile E. Coyote.

Even better, this is just the first “Blaze Ward Presents” because I already know what I want to suggest to the lunatics in my life for Issue 002.

Stay tuned, and keep your seat belts fastened.