Just a few days left

Hey, gang.

The Space Travelers Bundle runs out on Wednesday and then you will no longer be able to purchase a copy of WinterStar to read until sometime in 2020. Move quickly on your quest.

Same goes for the others, since I’m just one of four exclusives this time around. Kristine Smith, Robert Jeschonek, and Leigh Saunders also have bundle exclusives here that you might want to pick out. Plus a special edition of Fiction River Presents and issue 003 of Boundary Shock Quarterly: Grand Theft Starship.

BSQ has the first of the Handsome Rob stories in it: Can’t Shoot Straight Gang. It’s a relatively long short story, and sets up a new novel series. Can’t Shoot Straight Gang Returns is out and I recently finished Hunting Handsome Rob, which will come out sometime soon and be part of a longer, on-going series about a Lincolnshire secret agent in his battles with Salonnia and Corynthe.

Eight novels. Two collections. All gone in just a few days, so you better move.