kinda excited. Auberon (Jessica Keller Book One) is now available as an audiobook, and Melissa (the narrator) hasn’t once tried to kill me. She’s even well into doing Book Two, Queen of the Pirates. For you, gentle listener, you can now enjoy the excitement and relish a good space opera series, as I keep bribing her to do more of them. Book Six is in the can and will be published this spring. I’m banging furiously away on Book Seven.

Book One:

Jessica Keller has a reputation as a maverick commander. It almost got her court martialed. Now, it has gotten her a new command in an obscure sector, with orders to ignite a new front in the eternal war.

But her old nemesis, Imperial Admiral Emmerich Wachturm, stands in her way.

Worlds will fall before their feud ends, but only if she can forge her crew of strangers into a weapon. Otherwise, disaster looms.

So exciting to have it available in audio!!

And if you are just now discovering me, there is also The Science Officer (Season One), volumes one through eight, that Matt has done. And there will be a Season Two (both written and audio) soon. (For a teaser, pick up your own copy of Beyond The Mirror, Volume Six: Alternate Worlds for the first short story from what will be the ninth Science Officer book, The Bryce Connection.)

Get yours today, and let all your audio-book friends know that there are two series for them to get addicted to!!



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