The Unbloomed Rose

Most of you know that I try to publish something on the 10th of every month. Something good is coming on Feb 10th, as well. Most of it, you’ve already seen, but I got a little sidetracked last year, in the process of writing all those Science Officer stories to finish out Season One. (And I’m happy that so many of you enjoyed how that part of the story ended.)

So now, the next phase begins. Now available for preorder: Beyond The Mirror, Volume 6; Alternate Worlds contains a short story titled The Unbloomed Rose. It takes place after the events of The Hammerfield Payoff.

Javier is recruiting some specialized experts to help with the new adventures he had planned. Yes, Javier. Willingly adding more people to the crew. More people to talk to. More voices in the wardroom.

But that’s okay. He’s starting to finally grow up. It happens to all of us, eventually. (One hopes.)

In my notes, there will be four, distinct short stories that will be bundled up as Volume 9: The Bryce Connection. However, I have been working on Jessica lately, and needed a break from Javier anyway, so I haven’t written the other three. Will hopefully get around to that this year, depending on how some other projects break out for me.

And the Muse of Crazy.

Because I have enough notes to fill Season Two. And if people like that, and I am still having fun with those characters, maybe Season Three.

I have also considered some of ‘Mina’s adventures, possibly ending up in a bar on a certain day with a red poppy in her hair. Y’all will need to let me know if I should pursue the stories of the Last Shepherd of the Word.

But, back on topic. The Unbloomed Rose. Special thanks to Dorn for letting me Tuckerize him into the world as a recurring character (technically, he is The Bryce Connection in this context.) The rest of the collection are things you’ve seen: Eva, Hive, Dale, Holly. A couple of others you might have seen, if you didn’t blink at the collection they were in (not published by me).

Hope you enjoy. Hope you come back for more. Happy to answer questions on most topics, including writing.


shade and sweet water,


West of the Mountains, WA