In case you missed it, Flight of the Star Dragon is now available. We continue the adventures of Gareth St. John Dankworth in the Accord of Souls. All the bad guys are still around, and the good guys aren’t really that good, or at least, they don’t like Gareth all that much. (Can you blame them?

Here’s the current reading list:

Audio should be out as well, depending on your vendor, because I’m not sure how long some of them actually take, even though we told them delivery on the 10th. And print is, I think, just live everywhere because it was easier to put the print books up for sale all at once, rather than coming back every month and doing just one.

If you like paper, you’re able to read them all.

Not a lot to say here, other than to thank everyone for the emails I got this morning asking questions and such. And telling me how much they enjoyed reading. That helps.

I’m currently editing the new series “Shadow of the Dominator” that will come out in the fall (Oct-April, with Jessica Keller #9: Petron, in the middle). And currently writing book two in a new series that will come out next year sometime.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and reading the good reviews.