Findaway Voices & Audio Excitement

So this year, one of our big projects was to start doing audio books. Science Officer Season One is done and out there. Jessica Keller/Auberon is making slow progress and will get done when it can.

For 2019, we found the most amazing guy to do new voice work. (Email me for his contact information. Seriously.)

The various Star Dragon books will all have audio when they drop. (The “Shadow of the Dominator” series will be a little delayed for audio on launching, so I think the first three will come out in print and ebook this year and then 1-3 audio will drop when 4 comes out with everything (January, if the schedule holds.)

For those of you thinking about doing audio books, I was looking over on Findaway Voices tonight. They are a middleman distributor that takes the audio files we paid to produce, and then sends them out everywhere. Pulled up their web site and looked at sales reports, and found myself a little gobsmacked. The audio for Birth of the Star Dragon has been out for about a month now, and the sales that I’m seeing on Findaway Voices included two lines that didn’t make any sense at all, until I looked closer and realized that they represented libraries.

“Library-Pay Per Use”

Someone (multiple someones) had gone to their local library and requested Birth of the Star Dragon and then listened to it. Sue me, I’m a nerd, but that was kinda cool.

I rarely buy new books anymore. I have two used stores I haunt for prizes, but mostly I read ebooks on the magic tablet, having checked things out from the library. And while I’m personally in a few libraries for ebooks, I’m not used to someone being able to check out my audio books, because I’m not an audiobook kind of learner. I gotta read something to grok it.

But you can do it. Others have. I’m even making money here. Wowsers.

So if you have friends who are into audio books, ya might let them know that the Star Dragon series will be coming out over the summer, and that they should go listen to it.

I’m kinda jazzed.